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1-MNA, a novel myokine, is a game-changer in cellular health by blocking the enzyme NNMT and optimizing NAD levels in the cells. 1-MNA offers a comprehensive approach to cellular health. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic properties and positive effect on vascular endothelium and skeletal muscle energy metabolism make it a promising supplement in the medical field.

Optimized NAD Levels: 1-MNA works to restore and optimize NAD levels in cells, a crucial component for cellular health and energy production.

Anti-inflammatory and Anti-thrombotic Properties: 1-MNA possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombotic characteristics, contributing to improved vascular health.

Inhibition of NNMT: 1-MNA has been shown to inhibit the enzyme NNMT, which when present in high levels, is associated with various diseases. By inhibiting this enzyme, 1-MNA can contribute to overall cellular health and disease prevention.

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